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 stalkers part 1 the formation

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PostSubject: stalkers part 1 the formation   Sat May 28, 2011 4:08 pm

stalkers part 1: the formation audio log begin
i gasp at what im looking at a compound down in the desert i decide we should go to the compund after about 20 minutes of walking we got to the entrance i told them we should ask them for help so we walk inside and are tackeld by two latino men they look like brothers one says im the owner of the compound and so am i and were gonna be the ones who kill you thats when i noticed that wade wasnt with us we were taken to two special cells with guards infront of us i decided to hide a knife in my pants in case i needed it so then when the guard was turned around i sliped the knife through the bar and sucsessfully slit the guards throat[GUARD KILLED +50 EXP] then i took the keys [and his gun]unlocked the cell and threw the knife at the other guard it missed and flew through the cell bars the guard ran at me and i clotheslined him he fell on the floor and took me down too by then [static] aimed the knife and threw it at the guard it hit him in the top of his bald head[GUARD ASSIST KILL 25 EXP] i quickly unlocked [static]s cell we snuck through the compound when we found a tower we decided to walk up the stairs when we got to the door i looked through the window and saw wade talking to [static] i kicked the door and it didnt open i kicked it again and pulled out my pistol and shot wade in the neck he fell over[-25 EXP] when [static] charged for me i moved and he tackeled [static] then i ran over to stop the bleeding of wades neck it worked[+5 EXP] and i managed to use the stimpakfrom the dead cia agents [from the prolouge] to heal him he thanked me and we ran to the top of the stairs and [static] had been fighting with [static] he managed to throw [static] off him and he got up and pulled out a gun he aimed at me and shot he missed me and shot wade in the head he fell backwards dead i grabbed my kar98 [they took it and put it on the table] and shot him in the chest area he fell backwards i ran over to wade it was too late he was dead i went to go help [static] up and me and him left when we snuck through the compound we saw a truckwe left to getg in the truck when we got in and got going a movement was made in the back i couldnt see because of a sheet covering the thing up then a person sat up and threw the cover of their head "hi" he said"my name is levi and i can help you get through the desert" who is this guy i thought as we rode through the desert in silence after we got to a walmart i saw a bunch of people there they looked like gangsters i got out and decided to sneak in[storming the front didnt work that well last time] i finally found an air vent to sneak into i tried to pry it out but i couldnt do it without a tool or weapon so i searched for a crowbar i found a baseball bat i took it and hit the rusted metal vents they broke and i crawled through [static] stayed outside untill i told him it was clear then after i did that we snuck through the walmart i saw a man looking through the "gang appearal" i hit him with the baseball bat and he fell over i hit him again and he was knocked out[KNOCK OUT 25 EXP] i took some "gang appearal" and [static] took the knocked out guys clothes i walked over to a man i tried to pickpocket him i failed[-5] and he turned around" hey man i know my car is sweet but you dont have to steal it" i realized he thought i was a gang member so i said alright ya got me then i swung my fist and hit him in the gut then i grabbed him by the neck and slammed him down on the ground he said" alright u asked for it" he swung a puch i attemped to block it and i failed he hit me in the face i saw levi [who had left us earlier] with fiber wiber he wrappped it around the gangsters neck and continued to choke him the gangster made a loud noise[ASSIST KILL 25 EXP] and 3 gangsters came up levi pulled out a machine gun and killed them all he helped me up then i started to look for any people who own the walmart i eventually found him in the employees lounge i pulled out my pistol [from the guard earlier. it only has 3 more bullets in it] and threatend to shoot him if he didnt let me use the place he said alright only if you let me use it too i am jeveren and this is my store the acess code is 4827 and [BANG] ohh crap he said the mutants are back he pressed a switch and handed me mac11 with 20 bullets mutants about7 of them started pouring in through the front door levi decided to use something to block the vent he got a pallet of wood and boarded up the venthole i decided to use my last 3 pistol bullets on the mutants i shot one time at a mutant it hit it in the head i got a kill[KILL 30 EXP] i could only spot 3 more that means two are in the vent i went over to the vent and heard whimpering then i saw a man with a knife in his hand he killed two mutants [????? GAINED 100 EXP][????????? LEVEL UP SEE LEVEL UP CHART] hey im [static] but i preferred to be called pterodactyl" he said to me. "get in" i commanded he had a couple scratches on his arm and neck it was nothing big though i said i would call him tero short for pterodactyl i took tero to meet jevverey and [static] levi has left [again] i told them that we needed to assign code names i would be third shock [static] would be dynasty and jevvery would be bloodraven i introduced"tero" and decided to board up the vent with a vending machine and decided to sleep for the night bloodraven told me that some "strangers" wander around here at night and that i need to stay inside at alltimes at night when i was sleeping i heard glass break and then screaming voices said "thirdshock" im lightning 4 you need to follow me i opend my eyes and an armoured man was carrying me to a helicopter along with my friends we were flying for about 30 minutes when i heard EVERYONE HOLD ON
to be continued..........[static] aud[static] log end current level 3 EXP 45/400
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stalkers part 1 the formation
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